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When working with Prepaid programs, "issues" can arise that are above the skill set of your workforce.  It is at those times that you need assistance of the highest caliber.  We provide the skill and experience you need, when you need it.  We understand time-lines and budget.  We get it done.


PayCardPros brings Prepaid Card programs from the "big idea" state to "finished and delivered" status. Basic services like connectivity to the network and transaction processing between the issuing bank and the processor are a given.  Connecting the dots between the multitude of other moving parts isn't.  There are the technical details involved in setting parameters at the processor, adding on third party services,  cardholder interfaces, collateral material and precision card artwork that have to be done.


We are not the consultants who advise you on what has to be done...we are the "boots on the ground" that get it done. Having spent years actually performing the tasks required to launch card programs has enabled our team to foresee the challenges before they become problems.  We are here to help you identify shortfalls before they happen and resolve them.  We will bring help you bring your product to market quicker and more cost effectively than if you had done it on your own. And with less stress.

Prepaid Card program design and creation

Your organization might need a payroll program.  It might need a general spend product.  It all depends on what kind of employees you have, what state(s) they are in, and what the state laws dictate.  Do you really need a custom co-branded product, or will an off-the-shelf variety work just as well?  What will be your employees acceptance level of a prepaid payroll card?  How can you best serve them?  How can you minimize costs without compromising value?  In the Prepaid card marketplace, you will find find many different the same question. PayCardPros has answered these questions many times before.  PayCardPros is here to help.

Program planning and implementation

Identifying all of the moving parts of a program after the design has been approved and green-lighted is a skillset that can only be acquired through experience.  Your banking and processing partners are not in the habit, or business, of telling you what will need to be done ahead of time.  in fact, you'll usually find out about a shortfall about the time you are ready to go to market - and then you have a six-week delay on your hands.  Having someone who has learned this lesson from experience at your side is the only way to combat these scenarios.  Knowing what's needed ahead of time is the key to launching a successful program. PayCardPros is here to help.

Technical planning and production

Most of the pieces of a new card program that get overlooked or put on the back-burner for one reason or another will require some level of expertise to be made whole.  Whether it be the application of an API or some type of database functionality, there is going to be a need for a technician that can produce both a plan and time-line for getting a task accomplished.   And that person better have the expertise to create the required solution, or your problem just got bigger.  Knowing how the technology sources work together, and ensuring those technologies get the job done right is crucial to your success. PayCardPros is here to help.

Marketing and Sales creative, production and distribution

The Prepaid industry is a young industry in relative terms.  Most of the people involved are very young and, while many may be very good at their specific task, most of them have not had the advantage of previous experience out in the workplace to draw from.  The Marketing and Creative staff of PayCardPros has been in the business of marketing consumer products since 1983.  Understanding consumers, and how to make them crave a product is second nature.  PayCardPros will work with you to identify prospective cardholders, where they are concentrated, and how to reach them rapidly and cost-effectively.  PayCardPros is here to help.

Forward monetization of card inventories

Most companies get into the Prepaid card business for the lure of the transaction fee revenue, which isn't always up to expectations.  PayCardPros has always had a different take on the cards and cardholders in the portfolio.  To us, a cardholder represents someone with new buying power - the strongest candidate possible to purchase add-on products and services.  If they've been without financial services up until now, what other services have they done without?  Providing access to these add-on products multiplies the revenue potential of a card.  We can show you how to multiply your revenue.  PayCardPros is here to help.




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