There are a lot of people who will tell you what needs to happen... What they cannot tell you is how it happens or who makes it happen.  PayCardPros is the "how" and the "who" that can make it happen quickly and cost effectively.

We make things happen... now.

Who is PayCardPros?

PayCardPros are a boutique shop of people highly skilled in Technology, Data Management, Advertising and Marketing - with a very specific focus, and longstanding history, on applying these skills in the Prepaid Card industry.


PayCardPros' experience in the industry has provided a detailed knowledge of the processors, banks, fulfillment houses for cards and a variety of other third party vendors serving the Prepaid industry.


The Advertising/Marketing professionals at PayCardPros have a deep knowledge and understanding of the prepaid consumer marketplace as well as the compliance restrictions governing those consumers.


The  founders of PayCardPros have worked together since 2003 in the Prepaid industry.  They uniquely compliment one another's skill-sets in developing technical solutions and bringing them to market.  The collective years they have worked together, approaching different challenges from different viewpoints, enables PayCardPros to develop solutions quickly, getting Prepaid products to market on time.

Len Pitzalis


Len Pitzalis brings years of experience in the Prepaid industry to PayCardPros, with a technical slant.  Mr. Pitzalis has a thorough knowledge of the “inner workings” of issuing banks, card processors, and card fulfillment houses.


Having served as Chief Technology Officer and IT Manager at various Prepaid companies since 2003, and having built a stellar reputation in the industry, Mr. Pitzalis has comprehensive experience and technical understanding of the Prepaid industry.


Mr. Pitzalis brings a unique, common sense approach to technical challenges.  Unique, in that goals get accomplished quickly and challenges turn into opportunities.

Randy Hines

Sales and Marketing

In 2003, after 18 years in the Advertising/Marketing industry, Randy Hines was looking for a new challenge.  The fledgling Prepaid industry provided a product marketing potential that fell in line with his previous experience in domestic and international consumer advertising.


Mr. Hines developed a unique  business plan for the Prepaid industry that has been used to launch 3 successful Prepaid companies.  His ability to size up and segment the marketplace has allowed companies to maximize their sales budgets.  The unique and creative approach that characterizes his advertising efforts has created memorable marketing programs throughout the country.



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